Beauty and Da Beast Podcast w/ Joey Diaz and Felicia Michaels

Hooray! Comic extraordinaire Ritch Shydner joins us! Uncle Joey's Party Tip #1: Never do coke with a guy wearing a wig, C*cksuckas!!!

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First off, our hearts go out to our east coast listeners! Second thing, thanks to all our listeners for nominating us for a podcast award! Thirdly - stop making fun of Carney workers, it's really starting to hurt Joey's feelings. Voting is open!

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Some people think the TSA stands for the Transportation Security Administration, others like Ari Shaffir, think it stands for Thousands Standing Around. As always we think he makes a pretty dang good point!

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Wanna know what it's like to leave the seminary, look celibacy in the eye, tell it to go screw itself, then do an open mic? Take a listen to the always funny Edwin San Juan!!! 

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Eureka - Everything you wanted to know about vapor technologies...

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George Perez stops by the studio to chat about the struggles and triumph of getting off parole.

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Our guest this week is none other than Head Writer and Executive Producer of Comedy Central's The Burn... Mr. Chris McGuire!!! 

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From's "Enjoy It" Mr. Brody Stevens.

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Hooray, it's our first remote! We visit the office of Joey's accupuncturist, Dr. Amy and discuss how her little army of pricks helped Madflavor.

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Bert "The Machine" Kreischer stops by the studio and reminds of us the first rule of comedy - what ever works, WORKS!!! 

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