Beauty and Da Beast Podcast w/ Joey Diaz and Felicia Michaels

How do you like your oral stories, gangsta style or with a side of backstage delight? Felicia explains how a Presidential Election and a Costco table can almost break up a friendship. Joey shares his story of emotional loss while on Window Pane acid. And of course - areolas...

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Joey turns a false accusation into a revenue stream. If you dare a friend to eat mummified excrement, will he only eat one? Comic and film nut Rick Ramos stops by and the discussion of what bad ass actresses can take a punch to the kidney and steal a movie all in a day's work, breaks out.

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Felicia steps up and shares her story about family. Joey tells a tale of revenge and the nightsweats it still brings on. Santana vs. Ozzie and if Adam Sandler directed your balls in a skit, are they eligible for membership in the Screen Actors Guild

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Joey talks about his mom's handy work with sharp objects and the Chinese waiter who got in the way. How to trick the naive into becoming the perfect getaway driver and if a junkie nods in the bathroom will his grandma really hear?

Joey shares his story of mugging a hooker and burning her wig. His favorite Bruce Lee movie and the dirty habits of babies caught on ultrasounds.

Felicia learns what papayas really are in Cuba. Joey Spills the beans about his only threesome. They also share intimate details of stabbings and wanting to blow James Coburn in the morning dew..

Joey answers a viewer's question of, "When did you first break the Law?" Felicia talks about exercising her right to scam the fairer sex. We share our first interview and discuss stepping up to the plate as a father. And of course, sex..

Joey talks about his notorious Godfather whom he loves. Felicia talks about almost becoming a prostitute by default. The things you can hide in one's foreskin during a pee test.

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Felicia and Joey talk about how they lost their virginity, the price one pays for licking liquids off stranger's arm and baby steps out of the hole you've dug yourself into.

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Felicia talks about her dancing career at the notorious Peppermint Lounge and rants about effing comedy, while Joey cries to love songs...

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Joey reveals whether he fainted at his Doctor's appointment. The kids discuss the music documentary "Soul Power," and the tale of a siamese cat who opened a sweet can of whoop ass.

Joey tells Felicia about his favorite Uncle and then they both share tales about fingers that roam and the downfall of eating to much Wonderbread.

Joey and Felicia talk about Joey's fainting spells and the grind they both face with exes...

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Joey "Coco" Diaz shares his tale of doing time and getting into comedy with Felicia Michaels.

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Joey and Felicia talk about Galleano bottles gone awry, Furries, and Playboy magazine.

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