Beauty and Da Beast Podcast w/ Joey Diaz and Felicia Michaels

Who's bright idea was it to let Joey guard the Bar Mitzvah presents? Friends that can't let go, but still have the nerve to want their damn money back. Christ - will someone please give Felicia a cup of joe and an attitude adjustment?

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The tale of the notorious Galaxy Towers and Joey's escape clause. Family secrets - why can't Grandma just tell everyone who she banged? Garlic farts, fact or fiction?

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What does a cuban egg roll, pop rocks and a woman's monkey have in common? JOEY "COCO" DIAZ!!! This short but crazy episode, could be our most explosive podcast yet. 


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Dang, everywhere ya look there's that effing paper trail - thanks a lot internet! Joey lays down the law on social networking etiquette. Just how many rodeos has Felicia been to anyway? What Kardashian would be last on your f*ck buddy list? (Poor Bruce Jenner.) Joey explains why beach weddings and the groom's coke buddies, should never mix. 

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