Beauty and Da Beast Podcast w/ Joey Diaz and Felicia Michaels

Been caught stealing, when I was 5.  Got a bowl movement up on deck, there's always the balcony. How to be a bookie when you ain't got Bank. Stop faking the funk as a nation!!

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The skinny on furburgers. Burning bridges, and taking no prisoners - our ode to Doug Stanhope. The art of taking people's SH*T!!!

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The man from Keen-tucky and his detective kit. Checking in on your skeletons. Joey creates his own perfume... Eu de Cuban egg roll.

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The trials and tribulations of being a one man parade. Dracula arrives in East Orange. A prostitute goes rogue on Eye Witness news. The tale of the Tick Tock Hotel and the hottest nanny in town. When Hubba Bubba attacks!

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