Beauty and Da Beast Podcast w/ Joey Diaz and Felicia Michaels

Who's missing an ear!?! The problem with calling everybody out in the neighborhood. Felipe Esparza drops by and talks about his experiences with the "rocks of hell." 

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Joey's Tainted Vision Infomercial

Joey hawks the wares of our sponsor... Not to be missed. Taken from the Midnight Mass Live Special on 12/24/11

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The cookie Nazi returns. Joey goes deep on the Whitney Houston story. Special guest Vivid girl and erotic model Lux Kassidy!

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Don't worry and don't say a word, because Abuela's going to save the day! For crying outloud, never google your parents! What do El Negro Marcello and Nick the Greek have in common? They'll peel off and give you some bills, when your Ma ain't looking. Comic Nina Manni drops by and talks about her experiences growing up as the daughter of a notorious Philly meth dealer.

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Bored, need a drink, but you're locked up in Prison? All you need is a toilet, leftover fruit cocktail and a couple cubes of sugar - then it's PRUNO TIME BITCHES! Comic George Perez stops by and talks about what he learned about himself, after being sent to Wasco State Prison on Christmas Eve.

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